Defending Students Facing Underage Drinking Charges

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Facing Charges for Underage Drinking? PA Defense Attorney Grant C. Travis is Here To Help

Minor In Possession Charges

Underage drinking laws are sometimes called Minor in Possession of Alcohol, and can have very serious consequences for PA college students. Per Pennsylvania underage drinking (minor in possession) laws:

A minor in Pennsylvania may not buy (or attempt to buy), possess, or knowingly and intentionally transport alcohol; or knowingly use false identification (or other misrepresentations) to obtain alcohol. (Penn. Stat. & Con. Stats. Section 6307(a)& 6308(a).) It is also illegal for a minor to work serving or handling alcohol in an establishment that is licensed to sell alcohol (for example, a bar or night club). (Penn. Stat. & Con. Stats. Section 44.)

Penalties For Violating PA Minor In Possession Laws

Minors in possession of alcohol may face a driver’s license suspension and a fine. The fine and suspension are typically decided by the judge hearing the case. These laws are considered a summary offense, which means there is no entitlement to a jury trial, once again, all decisions on punishment are handled by the judge.

Get a Local PA Defense Attorney

Local attitudes and procedures vary by community, so it is best to seek a defense attorney near you for handling your underage drinking charges. The Travis Law Firm has several offices near major campuses to serve students throughout Pennsylvania, we have helped students facing minor in possession charges near the following schools:

  • Edinboro University
  • Mercyhurst University
  • Gannon University
  • Penn State – Behrend
  • Clarion University
  • University of Pittsburg – Bradford (Pitt Bradford)

Underage Drinking Defense Lawyers Near You

The Travis Law Firm has offices near you to help defend your underage drinking charges and possibly keep your record clean. Contact a proven PA Defense Lawyer at our firm today for a free, confidential case evaluation about your legal rights. Make an informed decision, because hiring the right lawyer makes a difference. Contact a Defense Lawyer at any one of our offices in Edinboro PA, Erie PA, and Warren PA.