When Is An Injury Considered To Be a Disability?

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Social Security Disability Information

Typically, when people think of Social Security benefits, they think of a federal program designed to help the elderly get along when they can no longer work. The other aspect of Social Security that gets commonly overlooked is that Disability benefits pay a worker who is no longer able to work because of a disabling injury or condition.

What Constitutes a Disability?

The Social Security office has medical standards that must be met in order to deem an impairment as disabling. These standards include both physical and psychological conditions that are medically verifiable. The condition(s) must be believed to prevent the worker for at least 12 months.

Social Security Listing of Impairments

In order to qualify for disability payments, the Social Security evaluation system has developed a list of impairments that are frequently considered to be disabling. If your condition meets any of the conditions on that listing, your injury is considered disabling and you may be eligible for disability payments. If your situation is not covered by the listing, the Social Security office will evaluate your specific condition & determine how it restricts your mobility or ability to perform work required of you. If you simply cannot work, according to the Social Security guidelines, you are considered disabled and may qualify for disability payments accordingly.

Social Security Disability Claims are Complex

There are many other situations not covered here that may apply to your condition for claiming Social Security disability benefits that we simply cannot go over in this limited space. Filing a claim for disability benefits is complicated, time consuming, and can be daunting. If you have had your Social Security claim denied, don’t give up, we can help you file for an appeal to get you the benefits you deserve.

Experienced Social Security Disability Lawyers

Rather than put yourself through the confusing process of learning how to file for disability benefits, talk to an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer at The Travis Law Firm today. We handle Social Security Disability claims and appeals all the time & we know how to avoid the pitfalls that can hurt your claim or even get your claim denied. Don’t waste your time making mistakes, get your disability claim done right the first time & get the benefits you deserve.

Hire a Local Social Security Attorney

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