Top 5 Questions To Ask A DUI Lawyer

The Top 5 Questions to Ask A PA DUI Lawyer At The Travis Law Firm

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If you have been arrested or charged with a DUI in Pennsylvania, you would be best served contacting an experienced PA DUI Attorney for a consultation about your legal rights. The Travis Law Firm offers a confidential, free consultation to all potential DUI clients because DUI charges are serious & we want you to make an informed decision from the start. What you do now will greatly effect how your DUI case is resolved later.

During your free consultation with a DUI lawyer at The Travis Law Firm, there are a few questions you may want to ask, to make the most of your meeting. We have listed the top 5 questions for people to ask during a consultation to help you better prepare.

One: What kind of experience do you have defending DUI charges? Remember, you are hiring your DUI lawyer just like you would hire an employee, so this is a bit of an interview. Ask this question to any DUI defense lawyer at The Travis Law Firm & you will be very happy with the answer. We have extensive experience fighting Pennsylvania DUI charges, because we do it all the time. Our DUI attorneys know what tactics the Prosecutor will try in order to harm your case, and how to counter those attacks.

Two: What Kind of Track Record Do You Have Defending Pennsylvania DUI Cases? Ask about how many cases your DUI lawyer has had that resulted in charges being dropped, or the accused keeping their driver’s license. Ask about fines being reduced, or avoiding jail time. You’ll be glad to know that The Travis Law Firm is proud of the reputation we have earned as DUI Defense lawyers who don’t back down from a fight.

Three: What Options Do I Have? The DUI laws in Pennsylvania are extremely complex, and as a result, you may have quite a few options available to you. Each one has it’s own inherent advantages and pitfalls, so be sure to discuss how your DUI lawyer thinks your case might unfold. There are alternatives to serving jail time, and we may be able to negotiate a lesser penalty for you.

Four: How Strong Is My DUI Case? Your DUI lawyer will analyze your case based upon the evidence that the Prosecutor has against you. Our goal is to find a weakness in the Prosecutor’s case, or find a way to strengthen your chances for a plea bargain. We are going to take the extra time to find the best possible outcome for your situation based upon the facts and evidence provided. See our DUI Case Tips for more information.

Five: How Much Am I Going To Have To Pay A DUI Defense Lawyer? If your income prevents you from being assigned a public defender, yet you don’t feel like you can afford a DUI lawyer, talk to us. We have affordable flat fee arrangements that we can discuss during your consultation.  Our Most Important Advice To YOU: Hire the best PA DUI Lawyer to handle your case. Your future and your freedom depend upon your representation. Get the best lawyer you can afford.