Pedestrian Hit and Run Accidents in Erie: Who is Responsible?

Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyer

A woman in her thirties was struck in a hit and run accident on November 12 at 16th and German Streets on Erie’s east side. She suffered serious leg injuries and witnesses obtained the license plate number of the black Cadillac SUV who left the scene.

A hit and run accident is regarded as highly illegal and as such, participants are required to follow a process that includes the exchange of information and contacting authorities. If an individual is determined to be guilty of a hit and run accident, suspension or cancellation of their driving privileges may apply. Criminal charges may also be filed in this incident if the individual suffered serious damage or injuries. You should never leave the scene of the accident, even if you believe that damages or injuries were of a minor nature. As a party to the accident, you have a legal obligation to stick around until authorities arrive.

Rights and Responsibilities Post-Accident

As Pennsylvania is a no-fault state, the pedestrian in this situation, if he/she has car coverage and the fleeing driver is never apprehended, would first be covered medically under their own personal policy.

If the individual is not insured, some relief might be available under the assigned claim law. If the hit and run driver is caught and insured, the insurance covering the at-fault driver’s Cadillac would pay out for the injury through the limits of its coverage. If you believe that your injuries in a hit and run accident extend beyond limits of coverage, you may wish to consult with an Erie personal injury attorney to learn more about your options.

Why You Need An Injury Lawyer To Help You

It is never easy to be a victim in an accident like this, but taking your future into your own hands by hiring competent legal representation is one of the best steps that you can take. Pedestrians tend to sustain serious injuries in hit and run accidents because they have no form of protection during the collision.

A driver in a vehicle, however, may have an airbag or a seatbelt to protect him or her from being injured more seriously. A pedestrian in a hit and run, though, can be thrown into oncoming traffic or onto a curb.

Being evaluated comprehensively for injuries after a pedestrian hit and run accident in Erie is essential for determining the extent of damage. Problems like neck, back, and head injuries are all very common in these kinds of accidents, and an individual may have to suffer for many months or years in trying to deal with the aftermath of such an incident.

Were You Hit By a Car? A Victim of a Hit & Run? You Have Rights!

If you have been hit by a car, or a victim of a hit & run accident, you have rights to compensation for your injuries. As a per