Could a DUI Lead to Loss of Your Commercial Driver's License?

Commercial Driver DUI Lawyer in Erie PA

As a CDL license holder and truck operator, you could be subject to serious penalties if convicted of a DUI in Erie. There are tighter rules and strict penalties for those individuals who hold a CDL license who are convicted of a DUI while operating a commercial vehicle.

We Know Pennsylvania DUI Laws And How They Pertain to Commercial Drivers

There is also a myth out there that if you are on your off time and operating your own vehicle, then you will not face major penalties if you are accused of a DUI. This is not true, and this is one reason why you should be completely clear about driving under the influence and how it can impact you not just in the immediate aftermath of a DUI but for years to come. Here are some key facts about DUIs and CDL holders in Pennsylvania:

  • Even though the BAC for a DUI across the state is .08, CDL drivers in commercial vehicles may be facing a DUI for a BAD of .04. BAC between .04 and .159 may be charged as a second tier “high rate” DUI. This means that even if this is your first offense, you could be looking at jail time.
  • A first time DUI conviction in Erie could lead to a minimum 1 year suspension of your CDL. If it happens a second time, you’re looking at a lifetime ban. Obviously, if you make your living based on your CDL license, this could be very problematic.
  • Having a DUI on your record could prevent other companies from hiring you in the future. Trucking companies want to limit their liability and an easy way to do this is by abstaining from hiring those with an Erie DUI on their record.
  • CDL drivers cannot make use of Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition in Pennsylvania because doing so would not minimize their CDL license suspension. The only way to avoid your CDL suspension is to fight the case and obtain a not guilty verdict or to get the charges amended/dropped.

Erie PA DUI Lawyer for Commercial Drivers

If you are a CDL driver in Pennsylvania and you’re facing DUI charges, it is imperative that you find an attorney who can handle your case professionally so that you have the best possible chance for a good outcome. Handling any DUI case is complicated, but a commercial driver must abide by even more regulations & time constraints. Before you make a mistake that could result in jail time, a license suspension, or difficulty getting another job, talk to a PA DUI Lawyer at The Travis Law Firm about your legal rights. Make an informed decision about your situation with a free, confidential consultation today.