What Is the Role Of A Prosecutor In My Criminal Defense Case?

Erie Defense Attorney Grant Travis

There is no doubt that it is overwhelming and confusing to find yourself in the shoes of a person accused of a crime in Pennsylvania. There are many different individuals with whom you will interact over the course of your case going to trial and one of those individuals is a prosecutor.

Who Is The Prosecuting Attorney?

The prosecutor simply refers to the attorney who has been appointed to represent the local, state or federal government in a case against someone who has been accused of the crime. Each of the 67 counties in Pennsylvania has a district attorney. This individual is considered the highest ranking law enforcement officer within that county.

In many district attorney offices you will also find an assistant district attorney. In bigger criminal cases, police will hesitate to file charges without getting approval first from the district attorney or assistant district attorney.

The Power Of The Prosecutor

As a result of the higher rates and influence of mandatory minimum sentences these days, prosecutors have a tremendous amount of power. In the majority of felony drug cases, for example, a prosecutor has a significant amount of influence over sentencing even when compared with a judge.

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Since prosecutors now have so much potential power, similarly situated individuals who have been arrested or accused of a crime may be treated differently from one county to another. This is why it is imperative to have a knowledgeable Erie criminal defense lawyer at your side to advise you over the course of your case. Many of your questions can be answered by a competent criminal defense attorney at The Travis Law Firm. Having competent representation can also help to mitigate the influence of a prosecutor who is taking things too far. Contact an Erie criminal defense attorney at our firm today to learn more, or to schedule your free, confidential consultation. Make an informed decision about your legal rights, your freedom may depend on it.