What's the Link Between Marijuana Use and Fatal Car Accidents?

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It comes as no surprise to most people that marijuana is a hot topic in the news in recent years. But one thing that many people have not paid proper attention to despite all this coverage of marijuana issues and legalization, is the fact that the number of fatal car accidents across the country involving marijuana have increased over the last decade.

Marijuana Use A Key Factor In Many Fatal Accidents

According to research published by Columbia University, data was examined from six different states to explore various toxicology data from drivers who were at fault in fatal car accidents. The researchers determined that marijuana was a key factor in many fatal car accidents after looking at more than 23,500 drivers who passed away in car accidents from 1999 to 2010.

According to the research results, nearly 11% of the drivers in the study tested positive for marijuana. Although marijuana is still relatively small in comparison to alcohol, for which 40% of drivers in the study tested positive, the rate of fatal accidents involving alcohol stayed steady during the same time period.

Accidents Involving Marijuana Use Is Increasing

The rate of accidents associated with marijuana use however, increased tremendously. Only about 4% of drivers involved in fatal accidents in 1999 also tested positive for marijuana. In 2010 however, that number had risen to 12%.

Individuals who tested positive for both alcohol and marijuana were far more likely to be involved in a fatal crash. In some of the most devastating fatal car accidents in Erie and across Pennsylvania, it is not the at-fault driver who pays the ultimate price. Instead, it can be other victims such as bicyclists, pedestrians, or individuals in other vehicles. If you are determined to be at-fault for an individual’s serious injuries or fatalities, you could be facing a personal injury lawsuit or a wrongful death lawsuit.

Were You Injured By A DUI Driver? We Can Help

If you already find yourself in this situation of suffering as a victim because of another person’s reckless or negligent behavior, especially if it was influenced by the use of marijuana, you need to consult with an Erie personal injury attorney today to learn more about your options and decide whether it is appropriate for you to file a case. You may be eligible for compensation from the DUI driver to reimburse your medical bills, property damages, out-of-pocket expenses and pain & suffering. Get your free consultation with an attorney at The Travis Law Firm today to make an informed decision about your legal rights.