Can a Witness Help Me with a DUI Charge?

PA DUI Lawyer Grant Travis of The Travis Law Firm

Don’t Count On A Witness To Remember Everything

There are many different reasons that you should hire a Pennsylvania attorney in the event that you have been accused of driving under the influence, but one of the leading reasons is that you should never count on a witness to be your sole method of arguing against a DUI. Individuals who could testify in your favor may be helpful in your case but you should never count on them to remember all the details of what happened.

Memories Fade With Time

In many cases of a driving under the influence charge in which you wish to call a witness, such an individual is unlikely to remember the details of the stop if it has been several days or weeks afterward. This is why you need to retain an experienced Erie, Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney as soon as possible so that he or she can visit with the witnesses and take down any facts. Hiring an attorney as soon as possible after you have been arrested gives your attorneys the best possible chance to speak to the witnesses of the incident as quickly as possible.

The earlier your attorneys are able to speak to witnesses, the higher the chances of your lawyers being able to record details that can have a big impact on your case.

Hire A PA DUI Lawyer To Focus On The Facts If You Are Arrested Or Charged With DUI

What seems like a minute detail now could turn out to be extremely important down the road. Do not count on witnesses to remember all of the details and instead, consult with your Erie, Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after you have been charged with DUI.

An attorney who understands this process will realize the value in reaching out to witnesses as soon as possible so that you have the best possible chance of combatting these charges. Since DUI charges can have significant repercussions for the rest of your life, it is vital to hire a knowledgeable lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest.

If you were arrested or charged with a DUI, schedule a free, confidential consultation with a PA DUI Lawyer at The Travis Law Firm today to discuss your legal rights. Your future, your driver’s license, and your freedom may depend on it.