Graduating Student Killed in Erie Car Crash

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There’s nothing quite as devastating as when a young person suffers serious injuries in a car crash and dies from the accident. This event is even more difficult to comprehend when it’s a young person just shy of their high school graduation. Unfortunately, the Erie community has recently experienced the loss of a student just like this after a serious car accident.

Just three days before his graduation, a Corry honors student who had been accepted to Penn State was in a catastrophic car accident that claimed his life. Although his passengers were taken to area hospitals with injuries, the driver of the vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene. The vehicle was operating at a high rate of speed when the driver, just 18 years old, lost control of the car. As the car crashed, he was thrown from the Chevy Cobalt. The vehicle was thrown more than 100 feet into the air as it flipped.

100 Deadliest Days for Teen Drivers

Sadly, these stories are all too common, especially in the summer months. That’s because May 31st kicks off the “100 Deadliest Days of the Year“, a period during which more fatalities are associated with teen driving accidents than at any other time. Teen drivers already face big risks on the road due to their lack of experience and tendency towards distraction, making the chances of a major accident even higher.

Statistics regarding teen drivers and passengers revealed.

  • Having two or more passengers in the vehicle more than triples the risk of a fatal car crash.
  • Teens who know they are being observed by their peers while driving are more apt to drive recklessly.
  • Male teen drivers are six times more likely to drive aggressively when they have passengers than when they are alone in the vehicle.
  • Twenty percent of female teen drivers and twenty-five percent of male teen drivers admit to being distracted by something in the vehicle prior to a car crash.

Parents of teen drivers should be aware of the risks associated with summer driving and use clear ground rules while teens are out of school. Some of these rules might include:

  • Using apps that prohibit phone usage while the teen is driving the car
  • Limiting how many passengers can travel in your teen’s car
  • Setting up rules regarding whether night driving is allowed at all
  • Asking that teens stay the night at a friends after an event or party rather than trying to drive home

These simple rules can make a big difference in preventing tragedies like the above incident. Make sure you’ve talked to your teen about driving safety.

Questions After A Car Accident?

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