DUIs and Distracted Driving Penalties: Should They Be the Same?

distracted and dui driving hazards

If someone causes an accident after getting behind the wheel inebriated, he or she could be facing both criminal charges and potential civil penalties if any accident victims file a personal injury lawsuit. If you’ve been a victim of an accident like this, you need to hire an Erie personal injury attorney as soon as possible to ensure that you have the most accurate information about filing a case. You may be eligible to receive compensation for severe injuries caused by a drunk driver, but an attorney can help you gather all the relevant evidence for your claim.

Advocates of increased penalties for distracted driving gathered at the Pennsylvania state capital last week in order to rally for similar penalties for distracted drivers and those driving under the influence.

The most active organization supporting this measure is a group of motorcycle rights activists who wanted to support a bill that would increase the penalties associated with distracted driving. One devastating story of a safe motorcycle rider who was rear-ended by a woman texting and driving helped to encourage motorcycle rights activists to show up at the state capital to support the bill. In Pennsylvania, the woman who was responsible for that accident spent two months in jail and paid fines, but the victim in the accident was killed.

If you have recently been injured in an accident where someone else’s distracted driving behavior left you with injuries or killed your loved one, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim in Erie, Pennsylvania. Before agreeing to anything with the perpetrator of an accident like this, you need to consult with an attorney to be clear of your own rights. Remember that the other party may contact you and try to settle things outside of court but this is not always in your best interest. Consulting with an Erie, PA personal injury attorney who can help you deal with a personal injury case is the best way to protect your future.