Can Drinking Diet Drinks Increase Risk Of A DUI Charge?

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Many people are watching their weight; therefore, as the holiday season gets closer, many people will choose to enjoy their alcohol cocktails with diet sodas. However, a study revealed that mixing alcohol with diet drinks results in a higher alcohol concentration on the breath than alcohol mixed with regular soda.

Researchers had men and women consume mixed drinks over five sessions.  Some of the drinks were mixed with regular soda while others were mixed with diet soda. The researchers found that the breath alcohol concentrations for the participants who drank alcohol mixed with diet soda was up to 25 percent higher compared to individuals who drank alcohol mixed with regular soda.

When you are pulled over by an officer who suspects you are driving under the influence of alcohol, the officer is trying to find probable cause to make an arrest for DUI. One factor can be whether the officer smells alcohol on your breath. Therefore, the higher the concentration of alcohol on your breath, the more likely the officer will find probable cause for a DUI arrest. Furthermore, the higher concentration of alcohol on your breath will show up on a Portable Breath Test (PBT).

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

In addition to raising the concentration of alcohol on your breath, drinking alcohol mixed with diet drinks can result in a higher blood alcohol contact (BAC).  A gastroenterologist at the University of Adelaide in Australia noted that alcohol is absorbed faster into the bloodstream if mixed with diet drinks.

According to Dr. Rayner, sugar can slow down the process of alcohol entering the small intestine where it is absorbed into the blood stream. Therefore, drinking alcohol mixed with diet soda can actually cause your BAC level to increase at a faster rate.

Regular Soda Does Not Prevent A DUI Charge

Drinking alcohol mixed with regular soda is not the way to avoid a DUI charge. You may not have such a high alcohol concentration on your breath or as high of a BAC level if you use regular soda rather than diet soda, you will still be impaired if you drink enough alcohol. The only ways to prevent a DUI charge are:

  • Don’t drink any alcohol and drive
  • Use a designated driver when you know you will be consuming alcohol
  • Use public transportation (i.e. bus, cab, etc.)
  • Call a friend or a family member for a ride when you have been consuming alcohol

Fighting an Edinboro DUI Attorney

If you have been charged with DUI in Edinboro, your best chance of mounting a successful defense is to hire an Edinboro DUI attorney to represent you. A DUI arrest does not necessarily mean you will be convicted of driving under the influence. You may have a valid defense to the DUI charge. A conviction for driving under the influence can have long-term implications beyond the fine and jail time. Don’t trust your defense to a public defender. Hire an Edinboro DUI attorney with the skills, experience, and resources necessary to provide the best defense possible to your impaired driving charge.

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