Tips To Avoid A DUI Arrest During The Holidays

As an Edinboro DUI attorney, I often see an increase in DUI arrests during the holidays, especially as college students celebrate the end of finals and the holiday break from classes. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying your favorite alcoholic beverage to celebrate the holidays, drinking and driving is against the law in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania DUI laws are strict, and the punishment for a DUI conviction is severe. You can jeopardize your college education and your future with one bad decision following a holiday party. If you are arrested for impaired driving this holiday season, don’t trust your defense to a court-appointed attorney and don’t make the mistake of believing you can handle this on your own. Contact our Edinboro DUI attorney at (800) 401-2066 for a free consultation. It does not cost you anything to get legal advice about your options before you decide how to proceed.

How Can I Avoid A DUI Arrest?

The only way you can guarantee that you will not be arrested for impaired driving is not to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you are “fine” to drive after a  few drinks. Some people may tell you that it is okay to drink and drive if you “know your limit.” This is dangerous advice! The legal limit for drunk driving in Pennsylvania is a blood alcohol level of .08 percent. However, your rate of intoxication is different than your friend’s rate of intoxication.

You may drink the exact same drinks and reach the legal limit twice as fast depending on several factors. Factors that determine how quickly you will reach your “limit” include your gender, age, food consumed, fat to muscle ratio, and the type of alcohol consumed. Instead of trying to know your limit, plan ahead by designating a driver who will remain sober to drive you and others home after the party. Have the numbers of several cab companies on your cell phone. Take a cab to the party to ensure you won’t drive after the party. Arrange to stay at your friend’s home, so you don’t have to leave after the party.

Holiday Checkpoints

Now that we are in the holiday season, police are on high alert for drunk drivers. Additional DUI checkpoints may be set up to catch drivers who are legally impaired. Police officers are trained to detect even the slightest sign of impairment, so it is dangerous to assume you can “fool” a police officer if you are stopped. Avoid the embarrassment, cost, and punishment for a DUI conviction by celebrating this holiday season safely.

Call an Edinboro DUI Attorney for Help

If you are arrested for drunk driving, don’t assume you are guilty. The police must prove that you were legally impaired at the time of the traffic stop. A DUI arrest is NOT a conviction! You need an experienced Edinboro DUI attorney to protect your legal rights.

Contact the Edinboro DUI attorney of The Travis Law Firm by calling (800) 401-2066 to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation. You don’t have to face a DUI arrest alone. Let our attorneys provide the guidance and support you need to get through this difficult experience.