Preventing Back Over Accidents

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We discuss several types of car accidents because some causes of crashes are more common than other causes. However, we do not discuss back over accidents even though these types of car accidents are very common, especially involving children.

According to Kids and Cars, approximately 232 deaths and 13,000 injuries occur each year because of back over accidents. Many of these injuries are children under the age of five years. Even though children may be at the highest risk for these accidents, anyone can be the victim of a back-over accident.

Last year, actor Anton Yelchin, known for his role in the recent ‘Star Trek’ movies, died in a back over accident when his Jeep crushed him after rolling backward down the driveway. Yelchin’s family alleges in a wrongful death lawsuit that the cause of the back over accident was a defective automobile part.  However, many back over accidents are preventable because they are caused by human error. Below are ways that you can stop a tragedy from occurring by preventing back over accidents.

Tips for Avoiding Back Over Accidents

Driving a vehicle in reverse is more challenging than driving forward. Many of these accidents occur in driveways or when a driver is backing out of a parking space. Ways you can reduce the risk of a back over accident include:

  • Before entering your vehicle, walk around to the rear of the vehicle to check for anyone or anything in your path.
  • Use all your mirrors when backing up; however, do not rely only on your mirrors. Look over your shoulder in all directions because mirrors do have blind spots.
  • Check mirrors and look BEFORE you begin moving in reverse. Continue watching until you have the vehicle in drive or park.
  • Always turn off your radio and roll down the windows when in reverse so that you can hear any warnings shouted by bystanders. Driver distraction is a common cause of accidents, including back over accidents.
  • If your vehicle does not have a backup camera, invest in a rear-view camera. You can purchase kits that are simple to install and provide an added layer of protection when driving in reverse.
  • When you are in elevated risk areas such as parking lots, neighborhoods, schools, and other areas where small children may be present, you need to use extra caution. You should also use extra caution in areas where visibility I reduced by parked vehicles, trees, columns, or other objects.
  • Whenever you are walking through a parking lot or other areas where cars are present, hold your child’s hand until you get into your vehicle or out of the area of risk.
  • Avoid “jumping in the car in a hurry” because you are less likely to look before putting the vehicle in reverse. If you need to, place a sticky note on the dash or steering wheel to remind you to LOOK and LISTEN before placing the car in reverse.

For more information, including ways you can teach your children to avoid back over accidents, visit the Kids and Cars website.

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