Do You Want to Ask Us One of These Questions About Injury Claims?

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It is common to have questions about filing an injury claim after a traffic accident. For many individuals, a traffic accident might be the first time they need to deal with an insurance adjuster or an attorney. Our law firm represents accident victims and their families during a time when they are struggling to deal with medical bills, physical injuries, and emotional stress because of the negligence of another driver. Below are several questions that many people ask during their free consultation with our Pennsylvania car accident attorney.

  1. How much money will I receive for my claim?

The answer to this question depends on many factors, including the type of injury, severity of the injury, fault for the crash, and amount of financial damages. While it might be impossible for our law firm to give you an exact answer to this question during the first appointment, we can tell you that we will take steps to maximize the amount of money you receive for your damages.

If an attorney tells you he can get you a certain amount of money for your claim during the consultation, we urge you to come see us. As an experienced and trusted Erie personal injury attorney, we do not want to value a claim until we have the facts and the evidence so that we do not undervalue a claim. We can tell you that most accident victims recover compensation for their medical costs, lost income, property damage, emotional suffering, physical pain, and other out-of-pocket expenses.

  1. How much do I have to pay you?

It is understandable that you would be concerned about how you pay our attorney fee, especially if you are out of work because of an injury from an accident. Our law firm accepts most car accident claims on a contingency fee basis so that you do not need to worry about how to pay our attorney fees right now. A contingency fee basis allows you to have access to legal counsel, but not pay any attorney fees until you receive the money for your claim.

  1. Will I have to go to court?

This depends on whether we can settle the accident claim for a fair amount without the need to file a lawsuit. Our car accident attorneys are skilled negotiators.  We will try to settle your claim without the need of filing a lawsuit. However, if the insurance company refuses to act in good faith to settle the claim for a fair amount, we are prepared to file suit and fight aggressively in court to ensure you are treated fairly by the insurance company.

Do You Have Questions?

The above three questions are only a small example of the questions people have about car accident claims. You may have many more questions and concerns that are keeping you up at night. Instead of allowing these concerns to cause you stress, call our office to speak with an attorney for free. We do not charge for your first visit. You can get answers to your questions and learn about your legal rights without worrying about how to pay for legal advice.

You can contact The Travis Law Firm by calling (800) 401-2066 to schedule a free legal consultation with a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney.