What Expert Witnesses Will I Need for My Car Accident Case?

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What Expert Witnesses Will I Need for My Car Accident Case?

Some car accident cases are fairly straightforward. The cause of the accident is clear, and the evidence supports the allegation that the other driver caused the crash. In Pennsylvania, you must prove the other driver was responsible for causing the crash to recover compensation from that driver for your damages. Therefore, evidence obtained during an accident investigation by your Erie personal injury attorney is crucial for the success of your injury claim.
Unfortunately, some accidents are more complicated, and the cause of the crash can be difficult to determine. There may not be as much evidence, or the evidence may contradict other evidence. In these cases, we may need to employ expert witnesses to assist us in proving that another party was responsible for causing the collision that resulted in your injuries and losses.
Some of the expert witnesses we might utilize in a car accident case also include experts who help establish the extent of injuries and damages. Below are a few of the experts we might retain to help with a car accident claim.

• Accident Reconstruction Specialists

An accident reconstruction specialist is a person with special training, experience, and knowledge that helps the expert unravel the events that led to a collision. By using computer programs, models, diagrams, and other tools, an accident reconstructionist can recreate how a car accident occurred.  By recreating the car accident, we can determine the key factors that contributed to the cause of the crash and the party who contributed to those key factors.

• Medical Experts

Physicians and other medical experts provide important testimony and evidence related to the injuries sustained in the accident. In some cases, understanding the extent of the injuries can also help prove how the accident occurred. In addition, medical experts provide evidence and testimony related to a victim’s permanent disabilities and impairments. A correct prognosis is important to determine the amount of future damages you may be entitled to receive from the at-fault party.

• Economist or Financial Expert

When you miss time from work, you are entitled to seek reimbursement for your loss of income. However, when an injury prevents you from returning to work or could impact your earning capacity, we may need a financial expert or economist to calculate the income you would have earned had you not been injured in the crash. Future loss of income and diminished earning capacity can be a substantial portion of your settlement demand in a car accident claim.

• Mental Health Professionals

In addition to physical injuries, many car accident victims suffer mental and emotional injuries. Depression, anxiety, loss of enjoyment in activities, sleep disturbances, changes in eating habits, and PTSD can significantly impact an accident victim’s life. In some cases, a mental health provider may need to provide testimony related to the ongoing mental health issues and the treatment necessary to help you continue to recover after a car accident.

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