Avoid DUI Tickets and DUI Accidents on Halloween?

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Trick-or-Treating may be for children, but Halloween parties can definitely be adult-only events. Many adults, including college students, will be spending Halloween at a party with friends. At many of these parties, alcohol will be served. Special Halloween cocktails with names like Voodoo Punch, Dracula’s Bite, and Witch’s Brew will delight party-goers.

However, many of these drinks will have a deceptive amount of alcohol. Because the drinks are sweet, it is easy to miss the alcohol and drink too much. Sadly, some people will enjoy far more drinks at a Halloween party than they should and then decide to drive a vehicle home. What began as a fun night with friends can turn tragic very quickly.

Law Enforcement Will Be Watching Closely

You can be assured that law enforcement agencies throughout Pennsylvania, including those in Eire and Edinboro, will be out in full force on Halloween night watching for drunk drivers. If you are stopped for drunk driving, you could face a serious criminal charge.

The penalties for a DUI conviction in Pennsylvania can be severe. Even if this is your first offense, you could face up to six months in jail and a $300 fine. If your BAC is over .10, minimum jail time is imposed in addition to a higher fine and a 12-month suspension of your driver’s license. A second offense DUI carries a minimum jail sentence of five days, a fine up to $2,500, and a 12-month suspended license.

If you cause a DUI accident, you can also face civil liability. Your insurance may pay the claim of the accident victim; however, your insurance premium will increase substantially for several years. In addition, if you do not have sufficient insurance to cover the damage you cause because of the drunk driving accident, the accident victim could pursue a personal judgment against you.

Avoid A DUI Ticket or DUI Accident on Halloween

If you are attending a Halloween party, there are several ways you can avoid a drunk driving charge or a drunk driving accident. In addition, if you are hosting a Halloween party, there are several ways you can help your guests avoid trouble after enjoying the special drinks you plan to sever at your party.

For drivers on Halloween:

  • If you plan to drink, you need a designated driver. Unfortunately, there may not be many people willing to serve as the designated driver on Halloween.
  • When you cannot find a designated driver, you should plan on taking public transportation to get home.
  • You can also arrange to stay with a friend for the evening if you intend to enjoy alcoholic beverages on Halloween.

For party hosts:

  • Have the telephone numbers and contact information for several taxi companies. Also, consider setting up a Lyft or Uber account to send party guests home who are too impaired to drive.
  • Arrange for party goers who cannot drive to stay in your guest room.
  • Consider hiring a bartender to help you watch for guests who are drinking too much.
  • Stop serving alcohol a couple of hours before the party ends.

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