What Should I Do If I Fall During the Holidays?

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The holidays are a busy time for many individuals. From shopping and running errands to attending holiday functions, it seems as if we are on the go during the entire holiday season. Being “on-the-go” during the holidays can increase your risk of a fall during the holidays, especially when we experience poor winter weather conditions.

Falls can cause severe injuries that may cause you to lose significant time from work and incur substantial medical bills. There are some things you can do to prevent falls during the winter including:

  • Wear appropriate winter shoes with good traction and support.
  • Take extra time when walking across ice or snow. Rushing is a common reason for falls during winter weather.
  • Clear driveways, sidewalks, and other walkways as soon as possible.
  • When entering a store, restaurant, or other commercial building, take time to clear your shoes of snow and water. Be cautious of slippery surfaces and water on the floor.
  • If you are in a crowded location, be careful when walking to avoid tripping hazards. Avoid distractions when walking that might cause you to miss a tripping hazard.
  • Always use handrails when walking up or down steps.
  • Avoid carrying packages, especially when walking outside in poor weather conditions.
  • Watch out for patches of black ice.  Black ice can form without snow or rain.  For instance, a small leak in a drain outside a store could result in black ice.
  • Avoid walking on uneven surfaces.
  • Use extra care when getting into and out of vehicles.
  • Avoid walking in places that do not have adequate lighting.

By taking your time and wearing the right shoes, you may avoid a winter fall. However,there may be some cases in which your fall was unavoidable because of the negligence or recklessness of the property owner.

If you fall on another person’s property, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Pennsylvania’s premises liability laws hold property owners and other parties liable in some cases when a person is injured while on the property. You may recover compensation for your injuries by filing a slip and fall claim. Our Erie premises liability attorney can help you file a slip and fall claim.

What Should You Do If You Fall?

If you fall,there are several things that you must do to protect your legal right to recover compensation for a slip and fall claim.  Steps to take after a slip and fall during the holidays include:

  • Report the injury immediately. Ask the manager or property owner for a copy of the written report.
  • Take pictures of the area just as it is at the time of your fall. Be sure to take pictures of any broken items, liquid on the floor, or leaks from the ceiling.
  • See your doctor for a physical. If you believe you might be seriously injured, request an ambulance and go to the emergency room.
  • Keep your clothes and shoes. Your attorney may need them as evidence in your claim.
  • Do not provide statements or sign releases for the property owner, an attorney, or insurance company without consulting with an Erie slip and fall attorney.
  • Contact our office as soon as possible for a free consultation to discuss your case.

Call an Erie Slip and Fall Attorney for a Free Case Review

If you are injured in a fall, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages. However, you must file a claim and prove the property owner is liable for your damages.

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