What Is the Worst Mistake Made by Car Accident Victims in Erie, PA?

What Is the Worst Mistake Made by Car Accident Victims in Erie, PA?

If you have never been injured in a car accident, it may difficult to know whether you are making a mistake when you file an insurance claim. The insurance company is not going to tell you if you make a mistake when you file an injury claim because your mistake is likely to save the company money. The person responsible for causing the accident is not going to tell you if you are making a mistake because he does not want you to file a car accident lawsuit naming him has a defendant.

So, who is going to tell you if you are making a mistake after a car accident? An Erie car accident attorney!

Failing to Consult an Erie Car Accident Attorney Can Be the Biggest Mistake You Make After a Car Accident

The insurance company, even if it is your insurance provider, does not represent your best interest in an accident claim, regardless of what they might advertise. Insurance companies are in business to make money. They do not make money by paying large settlement amounts for accident claims. Claims adjusters are skilled and trained to look for factors that can mitigate the insurance company’s liability for an accident. The insurance company has a team of professionals looking out for its best interest.

However, you do not have anyone looking out for your best interest unless you consult an attorney about the accident. If you choose to “go it alone,” you do not have a trained legal advocate who:

  • Investigates the accident to determine how the accident occurred and who is liable for the crash (there could be more than one party at fault);
  • Searches of all sources of compensation (i.e. liability insurance, underinsured insurance, uninsured insurance, PIP coverage, third-party claims, etc.);
  • Explains the personal injury laws in Pennsylvania and how those laws impact your accident claim;
  • Fights allegations of comparative negligence allegations that can reduce the amount of compensation paid for a car accident claim;
  • Evaluates the claim and calculates the total value of the claim based on financial losses, noneconomic damages (pain & suffering), and future damages;
  • Monitors the statute of limitations deadline for filing a car accident lawsuit; and,
  • Holds the insurance company accountable if it acts in bad faith to settle a valid accident claim.

A car accident attorney in Erie does the above and so much more to protect an accident victim after a car crash. If you do not take the time to learn how hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you regarding your accident claim, you could make a costly mistake that may favor the insurance provider.

Are You Ready to Talk to an Erie Car Accident Lawyer?

It does not cost you anything to talk to an attorney. You can request a free case review to learn more about car accident claims. In many cases, you will not pay any up front attorneys’ fees to hire an attorney. Many cases are handled on a contingency fee basis.

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