Why Do I Need a DUI Defense Attorney in Northwestern Pennsylvania?

Why Do I Need a DUI Defense Attorney in Northwestern Pennsylvania?

Are you wondering if it is worth hiring a DUI defense attorney to help you with a drunk driving charge? Many people assume they can successfully handle a DUI charge themselves, especially if it is their first DUI offense. Why do they need to bother paying an attorney for something they can do themselves?

If you ask anyone on our legal team, they will give you several reasons why you definitely want to talk to a DUI attorney in northwestern Pennsylvania before you attempt to handle a DUI charge alone. Some of the reasons for hiring a DUI defense attorney may surprise you.

Five Reasons You Need an Erie DUI Defense Attorney Right Now!

1.  You have been charged with a crime.

Drunk driving is a crime. It is not just a traffic ticket with an expensive fine. You could go to jail if you are found guilty of drunk driving. When facing any criminal charge, talking to a criminal defense attorney immediately is the best first step you can take to protect yourself. You need to understand your legal rights, the charges pending against you, and the consequences of a guilty verdict. Don’t underestimate the seriousness of a DUI charge.

2.  You could lose your driving privileges.

A DUI conviction can result in the loss of driving privileges for several years, depending on the DUI offense you are facing. Losing your driver’s license is more than an inconvenience. For some individuals, losing their driver’s license could result in losing their job. Even if your job does not require you to drive a vehicle each day, how will you get to work without driving? Do you have reliable transportation to and from work for the next year, two years, or longer? How will you take care of yourself and your family if you cannot drive?

3.  The cost of hiring a DUI attorney may be less than the cost of a DUI conviction.

In addition to jail time and driving suspension, you also face substantial fines if you are convicted of drunk driving. Also, your automobile insurance premiums increase with a DUI conviction. Hiring an experienced Erie DUI defense lawyer could be less costly in the long run than trying to handle a drunk driving charge yourself. It is at least worth taking advantage of the free consultation to discuss your case with an attorney before making a decision.

4.  Your legal rights might have been violated.

Every individual is entitled to certain rights. If you do not talk with a lawyer, you might not be aware that your legal rights were violated before, during, or after a DUI stop. If the police violated your legal rights, your DUI charge could be dismissed. Our DUI defense lawyer understands DUI laws and rules regarding traffic stops, field sobriety tests, and BAC testing procedures. We thoroughly investigate your case to determine if your legal rights were violated during any phase of your DUI arrest.

5.  A DUI defense attorney understands the system and the process.

There are hundreds of laws, procedures, and rules that must be followed regarding a DUI charge. A mistake on your part could result in a guilty verdict or a conviction, even though your DUI ticket should be dismissed, or the DUI charge reduced based on the evidence and facts in your case. If you do not understand the system and the process, you could miss the opportunity to get out of a DUI ticket. Hiring an experienced DUI attorney in Erie ensures that nothing is left to chance. Your attorney takes care of every aspect of your DUI case so that you do not need to worry about making a costly mistake or error in defending yourself.

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