Safety Tips for the Autumn Season 2019

Safety Tips for the Autumn Season 2019

For many residents in northwestern Pennsylvania, Autumn is a wonderful time of year. They enjoy the cooler temperatures and the beautiful fall foliage throughout Erie County. At The Travis Law Firm, we also enjoy Autumn, but we also know that personal injury cases can increase during this season for several reasons. Below are several Autumn safety tips that can help prevent personal injury accidents as you enjoy the beauty fall brings to northwestern Pennsylvania.

Preventing Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many people travel during the fall season through our area. If you plan a sightseeing trip or you are just running your normal errands, you might notice an increase in traffic. To avoid motor vehicle accidents, make sure that you pay close attention to traffic. If you want to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage, pull over to a safe location.

Always limit distractions while driving, including cell phone use and GPS use. Let your passenger handle these distractions while you focus on the road and traffic. Remember, the weather can be unpredictable during Autumn, so always make sure your car emergency kit is stocked and in your vehicle before leaving home.

Property Liability Issues

Snow and ice can cause dangerous and hazardous conditions. As a property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your guests do not face any unreasonable risks. Make sure that you clear walkways and place salt or sand on walkways to prevent slips and falls. As Halloween approaches, make sure that you have lighted walkways, and you secure your pets if you plan to invite trick-or-treaters to your door. This is also a good time to take care of any home repairs to ensure that your house is ready for holiday parties.

Cooking Hazards

As the holidays approach, many people may be cooking more than usual as they prepare for holiday gatherings, family visits, and parties. Make sure that you prepare, serve, and store food safely. Always have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and never leave stoves or ovens unattended when cooking. If you want to involve small children in decorating cookies or other holiday cooking duties, it may be best to set up a station outside of the main cooking area to avoid hot surfaces, knives, and other kitchen dangers for children.

Impaired Driving

Autumn ushers in the holiday season. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other fall festivities, there will be plenty of opportunities for drinking alcohol. Drinking and driving accidents can increase around the holidays. If you decide to drink, don’t drive. Arrange for a designated driver, use a rideshare service, or use public transportation. For party hosts, make sure that you keep a careful eye on guests to avoid any issues. If a guest has too much to drink, don’t let that person drive home. Make other arrangements to ensure that your guest arrives home safely.

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