Workplace Injuries – What Are Three Common Workplace Injuries in Erie?

Three Workplace Injuries That Result in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Thousands of workers are injured on the job each year in Pennsylvania. Workplace accidents result in catastrophic injuries. Most workplace accidents and workplace injuries are covered by Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation insurance program. Workers can receive medical treatment and other benefits after a workplace injury.

While you might not be able to prevent all workplace injuries, knowing some of the common ways that workers are injured may help you avoid an accident.

Three Workplace Injuries That Result in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

There are many ways that workers can be injured on the job. Any workplace accident can result in an injury. Three of the most common ways that workers are injured on the job are:

1.  Slips, Trips & Falls

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common accidents reported by workers. Slips, trips, and falls can result in broken bones, fractures, brain injuries, neck injuries, and back injuries. Some falls can result in permanent disabilities and impairments.

Common reasons for falls at work include spills, slippery surfaces, clutter, inadequate lighting, uneven walking surfaces, and defective floor coverings. Falls from ladders, scaffolds, and high places can result from losing your footing, defective equipment, and inadequate safety equipment.

Preventing falls at work begins with wearing the proper footwear and keeping all walking surfaces clear of clutter and spills. Wearing safety harnesses when working off the ground can prevent falls from heights on construction sites and other job sites.

2.  Overexertion and Repetitive Stress Injuries

Strains, sprains, and musculoskeletal disorders also account for millions of missed work hours each year. Overexertion injuries are common when employees are required to lift heavy objects manually. Employers should limit the amount of weight a worker lifts and instruct all workers in proper lifting techniques.

Repetitive stress injuries can be caused by lifting heavy weights, but they can also result from lifting lighter objects repeatedly or performing the same motions over and over. Taking breaks can help prevent repetitive work injuries. Also, proper training in how to perform tasks and providing specialized equipment designed to reduce the effects of repetitive motions can help reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries.

3.  Struck By and Caught Between Machinery

Many workers use heavy and sophisticated machinery to perform their job. Construction sites, farms, and factories all use dangerous machinery. If machinery is not properly guarded and maintained, employees can be seriously injured.

Many workplace accidents involve being struck by or caught between machinery or having body parts caught in machinery. Common injuries sustained from machinery accidents include amputations and crushing injuries. Employers must provide proper training and safety equipment. Employers should also maintain and routinely inspect all heavy equipment and machines.

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