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There are many reasons an auto accident occurs, and knowing what they are may help you navigate the roads safely. Even if you drive within the speed limit, obey traffic laws and keep your vehicle in top shape, other drivers may not do the same. Each year, grieving families and injured drivers can attest to that. Despite tightening rules to increase safety on the road, catastrophic crashes occur every day. Let’s look at the reasons for traffic accidents, the damages they inflict and ways to avoid them.

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Behavior Linked to Car Accidents

The primary reason for car accidents is driver error. A series of studies showed that 90 percent of all crashes are due to human mistakes. One way to prevent them, as noted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration causation study, is to learn more about the types of driver error and avoid making the same mistake. While defective auto parts and defects in the road account for many accidents, the following are strictly related to driver error:

  • Distracted driving: This is a leading cause of car accidents today. It consists of focusing on vehicle electronics, using a cell phone or texting and talking to someone in the vehicle.
  • Texting: While texting on a cell phone is considered distracted driving, the enormity of this problem leads to additional consideration. This behavior is dangerous because it involves cognitive, manual and visual distraction. The combination causes more than 3,400 fatalities yearly.
  • Drunk driving: This behavior causes approximately 10,000 deaths each year. Driving while intoxicated robs the person of the cognitive ability and muscle coordination to drive safely. While the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) that designates a drunk driver is 0.08, even small amounts of alcohol can cause accidents. Truck drivers and motor vehicle operators under 21 have a different alcohol limit they must adhere to. 
  • Reckless drivers: This category includes aggressive drivers, a growing problem on the roads. Road rage is an outgrowth of reckless driving and is considered a criminal act in many places. 
  • Speeding: This includes drivers who travel above the speed limit or those driving too fast for road conditions. 
  • Running a red light or stop sign: Intersections are dangerous enough what with pedestrians, cars, bicycles and motorcycles being in one place. When a driver decides to ignore traffic signals or signs, they put everyone at risk.
  • Inclement weather: Bad weather has a catastrophic effect on drivers and their safety. Icy, wet roads make it hard for a driver to maintain control over their vehicle. Add in the drivers who speed on wet roads and you have a prescription for disaster. 

Investigating an Accident

Not everyone engages in poor behavior on the road. However, when it happens, you need the insight of an experienced lawyer who will investigate the accident carefully. The attorney’s investigators will examine the roadway for defects, talk to witnesses, obtain traffic camera videos and perform accident reconstruction techniques to see why the crash occurred. The firm will also examine the vehicles for defects that may have led to the crash. 

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