Rollover Accidents in Pennsylvania

The Dangers of Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents account for only 30 percent of all crashes, yet they are involved in roughly 35 percent of all fatalities. Compared to other car accidents, rollovers are second only to head-on collisions in terms of serious injuries and deaths. While any vehicle can roll over, SUVs and light trucks are involved the most. This is due to their high center of gravity.

Risks Associated With Rollover Accidents

The following are factors often associated with rollover injuries:

  • The driver is ejected from the vehicle because he/she decided not to use a seat belt. The problem here is that an ejected driver is more apt to be hit by other vehicles on the road.
  • Defective seat belts may loosen or snap open when the rollover occurs, causing the person to be ejected.
  • Roof crush occurs when the weight of the vehicle crashes in on the occupants. It is due to a lack of care by the manufacturer who ignores federal mandates that the structural support system is able to handle three and one-half times the weight of the vehicle. A product liability lawsuit can be filed as it can in cases of defective seat belts.

Reasons Rollover Accidents Occur

The majority of rollover accidents occur due to tripping, where the tires hit a curb, debris in the road or other obstacles. The following are the most common reasons for a rollover accident:

  • Faulty tires: For the most part, the vehicle’s stability is based on the tire gripping the road surface. When the tires are defective, this can interfere with adherence and result in a rollover accident.
  • Inclement weather: Drivers who speed even though the weather is bad are more likely to have a rollover accident. 
  • Lack of signage: Communities that fail to have signs alerting drivers to an upcoming curve can have a high incidence of rollover accidents. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons for a rollover.
  • Defective road maintenance: Debris that is left on the road or poor road design are responsible for many rollover accidents. If a claim is filed against the city, there is a much shorter deadline within which the lawsuit can be filed. In the event that the deadline is not met, the claim will not be able to proceed. Your personal injury lawyer will ensure that all documents are filed in a timely manner.
  • Driver error: Still the number one reason for most accidents, driver error is responsible for many rollover accidents.

Who Is Responsible for a Rollover Accident

At our law firm, determining liability depends on gathering the needed evidence. We dispatch our investigative team to the accident site where they interview witnesses, use accident reconstruction techniques and obtain surveillance camera footage. We also examine the vehicle for defects such as seat belts and the lack of supporting structures to withstand the weight of the vehicle. This is why a vehicle should always be preserved after a crash. We also obtain and review the police reports for mistakes since they are widely used in negotiations and in court. Once all the data is collected, we use it to build a strong case against the defendant.

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