Top Moves You Need to Make after Car Accidents

How to Deal With an Auto Accident 

In the United States, six million car accidents occur each year or approximately 16,438 every day. Roughly, 6 percent result in a fatality, and 33 percent lead to an injury. Most car accidents are caused by distracted or drunk driving. In addition, drunk driving causes about 10,000 fatalities a year. Because traffic accidents are so common, it is vital to know what to do when one occurs.

Remain at the Crash Site

Always remain at the scene of an accident. The law requires you to remain after car accidents, regardless of whether you think there has been any damage or if the other vehicle is parked. A hit and run charge, fines, and jail time await you if you do leave and are caught. It is important to provide your contact information as well as the details of your insurance to the other driver. You can also leave a note under the windshield wiper with your contact information if no one is in the vehicle.

Call the Police

You should let the police know if you’ve been involved in an accident and where it occurred. Look for identifying elements like off-ramps or mile markers if you’re on a highway. As soon as the police arrive, the officer in charge will evaluate the crash site. The officer will fill out an accident report, and it is a good idea to obtain a copy. If the other driver was acting recklessly, it will be in the report, and this can be used in court.

At the Scene of Car Accidents: Get Information From Others

Obtain the contact and insurance information of any other drivers involved in the accident. If there are any witnesses, ask for their contact information as well. Sometimes, witnesses will describe the accident to you. Take notes or record it with your mobile phone if they do.

Photos Are Important

Keep a visual record of the accident. Photos should be taken of the accident site, all vehicles involved and any damage done to them. It is also important to document the location of the accident. It’s a good idea to take a photo of your wounds if you are injured.

Consult a Physician

A medical professional should be consulted after an automobile accident. You may not recognize injuries after a crash due to the adrenaline released into your bloodstream. It is critical to have your medical history documented by a physician even if you are not symptomatic.

A Description of the Accident

Take some time to gather your thoughts before you tell the police or the insurance company how the accident happened. Do not make assumptions. Just say you don’t know. Also, if you are questioned about your injuries, tell the truth. Remember, some symptoms can take days to manifest. Whenever rescue personnel do not arrange transport to a hospital, let them know that you need evaluation by a medical professional. 

Contact Your Insurance Company

Get in touch with your insurance company as soon as possible, and tell them the basics of what happened. You may be asked questions you find difficult to answer. At times, the insurer will inform you that the conversation will be recorded. This is not mandatory, and it is best to let them know they can talk to your attorney. 

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