Is Insurance Coverage Important in a Personal Injury Case?

Why Is Insurance Coverage Important When You Are in an Accident?

Insurance coverage is an important factor in a personal injury claim, especially in Pennsylvania. In the first place, Pennsylvania is a no-fault state. Second, knowing that insurance coverage is available makes it reasonably certain that if a case is resolved in your favor, you will be paid. Without this coverage, an injured party may have to pay for all damages out of their own pocket. Since this is impossible for many people in the state, we need to become familiar with the types of and need for insurance coverage. 

No-Fault Insurance in Pennsylvania 

Pennsylvania requires all drivers to have personal injury protection insurance, PIP coverage for short. This will cover your accident damages regardless of who caused the crash. The minimum limit of PIP coverage in Pennsylvania is $15,000 for injury to one individual along with $30,000 for injuries to multiple people. The latter is the total amount available for one accident. This coverage is accompanied by a property damage limit of $5,000. 

Frequently Asked Questions About PIP Insurance Coverage in PA

Here are a few FAQs about PIP insurance in the state:

  • Can my PIP insurance be canceled because of non-payment? Yes, it can. A grace period is not mandatory, according to the law in Pennsylvania.
  • Does my insurance have a right to not renew my policy? The insurance companies are not required to renew policies once canceled. If you disagree with their reasoning, contact the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. Do this within 30 days of receiving notice of non-renewal. 
  • Can my insurance policy be canceled because of a driver’s license suspension due to drunk driving? Yes, it can. Driving while inebriated is a valid reason for cancellation.
  • Can I be charged a surcharge? Once again, yes you can. This is an additional amount added to your premium for a specific number of years. It is commonly seen in accidents, suspensions and moving violations.

Full-Tort Insurance

In the state, drivers have the option of choosing full-tort insurance, which gives you the ability to sue at-fault drivers. It becomes possible to sue others for medical expenses, other damages related to the accident and pain and suffering. Using this option, the injured party can sue even if their injuries are not considered serious. 

Limited-Tort Insurance

Another option drivers can choose is called limited-tort insurance. It limits the driver’s ability to sue the at-fault driver only for injuries that are considered serious. Since not all injuries are considered serious using this framework, it is important to ask about it before picking limited tort insurance. 

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If you are in an accident, the type of insurance you have is important. Don’t pay for another’s mistakes because you are not sure what to do. Some injuries are particularly costly with long hospital stays, after-home care and the inability to work. The Travis Law Firm can help you bring a claim against the at-fault driver in many instances. 

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