Can I Handle an Auto Accident Injury Claim Myself?

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer to Handle Your Auto Accident Injury Claim

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer to Handle Your Auto Accident Injury Claim

While it is possible to handle an auto accident injury claim in Pennsylvania yourself, it is not recommended. An experienced auto accident lawyer can help you understand the complexities of your specific case and manage the details to ensure that you are fairly compensated for any damages or injuries, even if your trauma extends into the future.

A Lawyer Can Help You Recover the Compensation You Deserve

It is common for victims of auto accidents to suffer physical and emotional trauma, not to mention costly damage to property. Without the help of an experienced lawyer, such individuals may find it difficult to recover the compensation they deserve. Legal counsel can assist with appropriating medical benefits, negotiating with insurance companies, filing personal injury claims in court, and appealing denied insurance coverage or settlements.

Liability Has to Be Proved, Which Is Difficult to Do on Your Own

An auto accident injury lawyer will also be able to determine responsibility in a crash involving multiple drivers by examining evidence such as police reports and photographs taken at the accident scene. An attorney can even provide guidance on how best to protect one’s rights in a dispute with an insurance company. The statute of limitations in Pennsylvania for filing a personal injury claim is two years, so getting started quickly is important before evidence and witnesses disappear or can’t be located.

An Injury Case Can Be Difficult if You Handle It on Your Own

In addition to helping clients secure financial compensation, a Pennsylvania auto accident attorney can also provide invaluable emotional support throughout the legal process. An experienced lawyer will be able to handle complex paperwork and tedious negotiations on their client’s behalf, giving them peace of mind knowing that their case is being handled by a professional.

Can a Lawyer Get Me More Compensation When Dealing With an Insurance Company?

Yes, an auto accident lawyer can often get more compensation than victims could obtain on their own. Insurance companies may try to lowball settlement offers or deny valid claims in order to protect their bottom line. An experienced attorney will be able to evaluate the case and provide sound advice on how best to pursue legal action for maximum compensation.

A good lawyer can also help ensure that victims are not taken advantage of by insurance companies by pushing them into accepting a minimal settlement offer when they might otherwise be entitled to much more in damages. Ultimately, having legal representation is essential for those seeking to maximize their compensation after an auto accident.

Travis Law Firm: Pennsylvania Auto Accident Injury Lawyers

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