Pennsylvania DUI Marijuana Charges Defense

Understanding Pennsylvania’s DUI Marijuana Laws

Besides alcohol, DUI marijuana charges in Pennsylvania exist. Considering the evolving nature of laws throughout the country, it’s important to understand how Pennsylvania handles marijuana cases as a DUI. There are a variety of implications of the charges in Pennsylvania, and a defense attorney plays a crucial role in protecting your rights.

Understanding Pennsylvania’s DUI Marijuana Laws

Marijuana DUI cases in Pennsvania are stringent. Factors to consider include:

  • No tolerance policy: There is a “zero tolerance” policy in Pennsylvania for THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana. Driving while under the influence of THC can result in a DUI charge if detectable levels are present in your system.
  • DUI marijuana cases are governed by Pennsylvania’s implied consent law just like alcohol-related DUIs. A refusal to submit to a THC blood test can result in an automatic suspension of a driver’s license.
  • The level of THC in your system may be measured by blood tests conducted by law enforcement. THC impairment can, however, be a contentious issue because there is no clear-cut definition.
  • Fines, license suspensions, drug education programs, probation, and, in some cases, incarceration may be imposed on a person convicted of a marijuana offense while driving in Pennsylvania.

DUI Marijuana Defense Lawyers: Why You Need One

DUI defense lawyers who specialize in marijuana-related cases have in-depth knowledge of Pennsylvania’s laws, as well as recent changes in the law governing marijuana use. THC blood test results can be scrutinized by an experienced attorney for errors or inaccuracies. Traffic stops and arrests can also be challenged. A reduction in charges or penalties can be negotiated with the prosecutor by your attorney. In some cases, this may entail advocating for lesser sentences or diversion programs that prioritize rehabilitation over punishment.

An Attorney Helps if You Go to Trial

You should hire a skilled attorney in case your case goes to trial. They will provide a strong defense, cross-examine witnesses, evaluate the validity of the THC test, and work to put reasonable doubt in the jury’s mind. License suspension can result from marijuana DUI convictions. You can seek limited driving privileges or appeal the suspension with the help of a lawyer. It is possible to have long-term effects from a DUI marijuana conviction consequences, which can affect your ability to find a job, cause an increase in your insurance rates and affect your freedom. In order to minimize these repercussions, your attorney will do what he can to help you.

DUI Charges and Medical Permission

Even if you have medical permission to use marijuana, if you get caught driving and test positive for a DUI, you face real trouble. Contacting an experienced DUI lawyer is important to protect your rights and obtain the best outcome for your case. Because DUI lawyers understand the complexities of THC impairment and have legal expertise, they can defend your case, represent you in court and work toward lowering your charges of having them dismissed altogether. With your future at stake, why risk it? Contact a DUI lawyer today.

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