Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation: Delivery Workers

Types of Accidents That Occur Involving Delivery Workers

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation: Delivery Workers

Pennsylvania delivery workers are usually entitled to benefits under the state’s Workers’ Compensation Act if they become injured on the job. This applies to individuals who work for package delivery companies such as UPS, FedEx, Amazon, food service and others. Workers also do not have to be full-time; they can be part-time employees or those who are employed seasonally.

Types of Accidents That Occur Involving Delivery Workers

Workers’ compensation covers many injuries and illnesses that can occur on the job. This includes physical injuries from accidents such as traffic collisions, slips and falls, repetitive strain injuries from constant lifting and carrying of packages, dog attacks, and other occupational diseases caused by exposure to harmful substances like chemicals.

Workers who deliver packages can suffer injuries ranging from mild sprains to broken bones and head trauma. A company’s safety program should include an awareness of the risks its employees are exposed to on the job. Among the most common injuries are:

  • Vehicle collisions – A collision with another vehicle may result in workers’ comp benefits if it occurs during their job performance, even if driving their own car is part of their employment requirements.
  • Slips and falls – While carrying large packages, package delivery workers sometimes slip and fall due to uneven surfaces or slippery conditions. Serious injuries like broken bones can occur in a slip and fall.
  • Back injuries – Disc herniations and back strains are common injuries suffered by package delivery workers who lift heavy loads.
  • Repetitive motions – The repetitive motions involved in delivery drivers’ jobs may lead to cumulative trauma disorders.
  • Dog attacks – Delivering packages can be dangerous if an unruly dog is present. Workers’ compensation could apply. However, if the expenses for lost wages and medical bills are high and the animal has bitten someone before, the injured party may be able to place a personal injury claim to recover compensation, including for their pain and suffering.

Types of Injury Accidents That Are Not Covered by Workers’ Comp

While Pennsylvania workers’ comp covers most injuries and illnesses that occur while on the job, there are some exceptions. Injuries sustained during a worker’s commute to or from work are not covered under workers’ compensation, as this is considered part of their normal daily routine. Additionally, injuries caused by an employee’s own intentional misconduct or violation of company policies may also not be covered.

Workers’ Recoverable Compensation Benefits

The Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation Act provides employees various benefits for work-related injuries. The following are examples of workers’ compensation benefits:

  • Medical expenses, such as visits to the doctor, prescriptive medications, surgery, rehabilitation, and medical equipment, are covered.
  • When you cannot return to work due to an injury, total disability compensation will cover your lost wages.
  • You might be entitled to permanent injury payments if your work-related accident permanently disfigured your face, head, or neck. Also covered are payments for lost limbs and hearing loss.
  • A partial disability benefit can help compensate you for some of the wages you cannot earn due to your injuries.
  • When a loved one is killed in an accident at work, the surviving spouse or dependents may receive death benefits to cover damages.

Worker’s Comp Claims: Travis Law Firm

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