Are You Planning Your Halloween Party? — Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Agencies Are Preparing for a Halloween DUI!

Are You Planning Your Halloween Party? — Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Agencies Are Preparing for a Halloween DUI!

Halloween is not just for kids. Millions of adults throughout the United States, including areas throughout Erie and Pennsylvania, will plan Halloween parties this year. Unfortunately, Halloween is one of the top nights for DUI arrests and DUI accidents. Law enforcement agencies throughout Pennsylvania are preparing for enhanced law enforcement strategies for Halloween.

As you plan for your Halloween bash, include steps to prevent guests from driving after having too much to drink at your party. Below are steps that you can take to help prevent drunk driving on Halloween.

Party Tips to Avoid Halloween Drunk Driving

  • Serve plenty of food at your Halloween party. People tend to drink more when there is not enough food or a wide variety of food. Try to amp up the types of food and the amount of food you offer at your party.
  • Offer several non-alcoholic drinks at your party. Create spooky Halloween drinks that do not contain alcohol as an alternative to the specialty alcoholic drinks you plan to offer your guests.
  • Consider hiring a professional bartender for your Halloween party. A professional bartender is trained to observe guests for signs of intoxication. Having a bartender to provide an additional set of eyes also allows you more freedom to enjoy your party instead of constantly looking for intoxicated guests.
  • Be careful when offering specialty drinks at your party. Many of these drinks contain juices and other ingredients that mask the strong taste of alcohol. A guest may overindulge without realizing how much alcohol he or she is consuming.
  • If you have specialty drinks, consider limiting the number of these drinks to two drinks per guest. There are several ways to do this that could add fun to the night. For example, give each guest two favors (i.e. glow sticks, glow ice cubes, floating candy eyeballs, etc.) that they use to “purchase” the drink.
  • Make sure that you have alternative forms of transportation for guests who indulge too much in alcoholic beverages, such as designated drivers, taxis, Ubers, limos, etc.
  • Stop serving alcoholic beverages a couple of hours before the end of your party. Switch to non-alcoholic beverages.

Don’t Panic If You Are Stopped for a Halloween DUI

If you are pulled over for a DUI on Halloween, don’t panic. Follow our instructions for a traffic stop. You are not required to state where you were before the traffic stop (i.e. you don’t have to tell the police officer you were at a Halloween party).

Being arrested for a Halloween DUI does not mean that you are guilty of the DUI. There could be one or more defenses to your drunk driving charge that could lessen the charge or result in a complete dismissal.

Consulting a DUI attorney in Northwestern Pennsylvania is the best way to protect your legal rights. You have the right to an attorney. Exercise your right to remain silent except for asking for a DUI defense lawyer.

Contact a DUI Defense Attorney in Erie for a Free Case Review

If you don’t avoid a DUI on Halloween, you need an experienced Erie DUI attorney to help you defend yourself against the drunk driving charges. Fighting a DUI charge without an attorney could result in more severe penalties because the officers nor the prosecutor will tell you if they made a mistake or if the charges are weak.

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