Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Top Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in an accident, one of the first questions is whether you need to hire a personal injury attorney. In most cases, the answer is yes if you want to obtain the damages you deserve. To accomplish this, you need the experience and know-how only a seasoned lawyer has. 

If you are dealing with an insurance company or filing a claim against the at-fault driver directly, you need special skills and knowledge. This is worth the final percentage fee you may pay the lawyer. This fee is not paid upfront but only charged if you win your case. 

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The Travis Law Firm has helped numerous clients in the Erie, PA, area, win their cases against a negligent party, including government agencies, at-fault drivers or others. We don’t rest until your case is successfully resolved. From investigating the scene to using special techniques to determine liability, we stand by you and work to obtain the compensation you deserve. Call us at (814) 455-3839 to schedule a free case review where you learn about your options and are able to ask our lawyers questions you may have.

Insurers Are in Business

Insurance companies want to settle as soon as possible in many cases and for the lowest amount. Before you accept a settlement, you need to talk to a personal injury attorney. The offer may not include the total medical expenses, wage loss or pain and suffering you experienced. 

By settling too early, you may be hurting yourself in the long run. The bottom line is that once you sign and accept the settlement agreement, there is no going back. In fact, as part of the settlement contract, you agree to not make a claim against the insurer and the at-fault party for the same incident going forward. 

Your personal injury lawyer will review the settlement offer issued by the insurance company for problems that might affect you in the future. In addition, the injury attorney will be able to tell you if the offer is going to fall short of what you need to cover your losses. 

Other tactics insurers use are:

  • Blaming the accident on the victim is a common ploy. Your accident attorney will not allow this to proceed.
  • Insurers may say that you suffered minor injuries that are not as severe as you claim.
  • They may say the injuries were an afterthought since you did not present to a medical facility right after the accident occurred. 
  • The insurer may refuse to pay based on the late or inadequate filing of a claim.

Accidents Involving Multiple Vehicles

Multiple-vehicle accidents are complicated, and assigning fault can be difficult. To determine liability, the personal injury attorney must excel at investigating the accident site for evidence. This requires trained investigators who use accident reconstruction techniques along with forensic evidentiary tools. No stone is left unturned at our firm since a lack of evidence can result in an unsuccessful conclusion to your claim.

Serious Injuries Require a Personal Injury Attorney

More serious injuries often result in the highest compensation. For instance, an injury that requires long hospitalization, extensive lost wages, implementation of home care and extended rehabilitation will result in high medical expenses. The insurer will try their best not to pay such a hefty sum and on occasion will do what they need to do to renege on their obligations. Your personal injury attorney will make sure this does not happen.

Long-Term or Permanent Disability

Individuals who are saddled with a long-term or permanent disability have the hardest time obtaining the compensation they need. That is where a personal injury lawyer can help. After investigating the accident and determining liability, they are able to plan for the expenses that must be covered over the years. 

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