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Road rash is an injury that occurs to those who are involved in an accident while riding a bicycle, motorcycle, skateboard, scooter or just walking along. Although most people can imagine that friction rash is painful, what they might not know is that it can have serious consequences. When a negligent driver or government entity was the reason for the accident injury, the injured person may be able to recover compensation.

Motorcycle Safety in Erie, Pennsylvania

Motorcycle safety is not a one-way street. Enjoying riding safely depends on both the motorcyclist and the motorist. Since 2020, 5,458 motorcyclist fatalities were recorded nationwide along with roughly 80,000 injured riders. With eight million motorcycles on the road nationwide, someone is paying attention. Let’s look at motorcycle statistics, rider safety protocols and drivers who pay attention to motorcyclists sharing the road with them. 

What Are Common Causes of a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

Warren County Multi-Vehicle Accident Claims One Life

In another tragic traffic accident, a multi-vehicle accident in Warren County resulted in the death of another motorcyclist in Pennsylvania. Just after 3:00 in the afternoon on August 9, 2020, State Police in Warren responded to a multi-vehicle accident in Sugar Grove Township. The accident occurred at the intersection of Seneca Lane and Matthews Run… Read more »

What Should You Do After an Erie Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle Crash — Two Motorcyclists Injured in West Erie

GoErie is reporting that two motorcyclists were injured in West Erie on July 10, 2020. The motorcycle crash occurred just before 3:00 on Friday afternoon. According to the police, the motorcyclists were headed south on Raspberry Street when the motorcycle crash occurred. A man and woman were riding a motorcycle on Raspberry Street when another… Read more »

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Avoid Motorcycle Crashes – Ten Motorcycle Defensive Driving Tips

Even though motorcycle fatalities decreased in 2020, riders are still overrepresented in the total number of traffic deaths. Almost 5,000 motorcyclists lost their lives in motorcycle crashes during 2020 In addition to fatalities, thousands of motorcyclists are seriously injured each year in motorcycle crashes. Unfortunately, it is up to riders to take steps to reduce… Read more »

Erie Auto Accidents – Five Things You Need to Know

Erie Auto Accidents – Five Things You Need to Know

Erie auto accidents result in thousands of injuries and deaths. In many cases, a driver’s negligence or errors lead to the collision. If a driver causes a car crash, the driver may be liable for injuries, damages, and financial losses caused by the crash. However, even if the other driver caused your car accident, you… Read more »

Motorcycle safety tips for riders in Erie, PA

Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riders in Erie, PA

It is Springtime in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Many riders are preparing for long rides through the Pennsylvania countryside. Also, with nicer weather, many riders use their motorcycles for everyday travel. An increase in the number of motorcycles on the road could lead to an increase in the number of motorcycle accidents in Erie. With that in… Read more »