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Workers’ Compensation Common Injuries

Common Workplace Injuries Covered Under Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation in PA serves as a crucial safety net for employees who have suffered injuries or illnesses due to their job duties.

Understanding the Workers’ Compensation Hearing Process

What to Expect When Attending a Workers’ Compensation Hearing

The workers’ compensation hearing is important in resolving your claim. A judge will evaluate the evidence, and make a determination

Reporting Your Injury Is Part of the Workers’ Compensation Process

Understanding the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Process

In Pennsylvania, the injured worker has up to 21 days to report the accident to their employer under the workers’ compensation process.

Types of Accidents That Occur Involving Delivery Workers

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation: Delivery Workers

Pennsylvania delivery workers are usually entitled to benefits under the state’s Workers’ Compensation Act if they become injured on the job.