Pedestrian Injury in Erie Pennsylvania

Injured When Walking: Call the Travis Law Firm in Erie, PA

Pedestrian injury is prevalent today with the incidence of accidents involving walkers escalating in many parts of the country. This is due to the higher vehicular presence on the roads and the number of people walking for a variety of reasons. If you are hurt or a family member is killed because of a pedestrian accident, you may want to know if you can place a claim against a negligent driver or other entity.

The Travis Law Firm Has Your Back

The Travis Law Firm is there for you in all types of car accidents, including ones that inflict a pedestrian injury. We want what is best for our clients and diligently work to obtain the compensation they deserve. Our firm believes that no one should pay both physically and financially for another’s mistakes. Yet, that is what happens as fewer people carry enough insurance to cover the cost of a hospital stay. 

Because of this, we start with a thorough investigation of the pedestrian accident, where it happened, how it occurred and what steps could have been taken to avoid it. In the latter instance, the city or state’s efforts to ensure pedestrian safety is examined. We check the timing devices used to control pedestrian crossing signals and look to see if any lights at the crosswalk are burned out. 

Our investigators also interview witnesses to the accident to determine if the driver was speeding. We use accident reconstructions techniques and traffic surveillance videos to determine liability. All these efforts are essential if the claim is to be resolved successfully since without evidence a personal injury claim will not proceed. 

Negligence Types in a Pedestrian Injury

The following represent the most common forms of negligence seen in a pedestrian accident:

  • Running a red light: Intersections are horrific for pedestrians since cars, trucks, walkers and bicyclists all converge in one spot. A driver who ignores traffic signals and runs a red light is most likely to cause a pedestrian injury. Pedestrians are wise to be alert and make sure the roadway is clear before crossing.
  • Drunk drivers: A driver who is inebriated has a hard time maintaining their lane and has poor cognitive skills and reflexes. This means when a pedestrian is crossing in front of them, they may be unaware of their presence, not be able to stop in time to avoid an accident or swerve into the pedestrian’s path. A drunk driver will be liable in a pedestrian accident.
  • Distracted drivers: Any driver who is too busy adjusting electronics in their vehicle or texting or talking on the phone to focus on the road is responsible if they hit a pedestrian. 
  • Speeding: Drivers who speed not only lose control of their vehicle and take longer to stop, they also cause greater injuries and possibly death when they are involved in a pedestrian accident. 
  • Government agency issues: A government agency in charge of road maintenance and safety that is lax in performing its duties can be responsible for a pedestrian injury. If the crossing or traffic lights are malfunctioning or mistimed, this could lead to a pedestrian injury. Likewise, burned-out crosswalk lights and potholes are other problems that can lead to a pedestrian accident. 

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