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How Is Drug Testing for Marijuana Performed in Pennsylvania?

How Is Drug Testing for Marijuana Performed in Pennsylvania?

A number of cities in Pennsylvania have decriminalized the use of marijuana, but that doesn’t mean it’s legal. Driving under the influence of marijuana is completely different and viewed as impaired motoring. A driver who tests positive for any amount at all can end up being charged with DUI, even if you have a prescription for it from your doctor to treat your medical condition because Pennsylvania is a no-tolerance state.

Marijuana DUI

What is the Penalty for a Marijuana DUI Charge in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana in 2016. Even though the state has legalized marijuana for medical use, marijuana continues to be illegal for recreational use in the state. Regardless of whether you have a medical prescription for marijuana or you are using marijuana for recreational purposes, you can be charged with marijuana DUI for having any… Read more »

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Are More College Students Using Marijuana?

A recent article published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) suggests that college students are at a higher risk for marijuana use than non-college students. According to the article, analysis of data from a national survey reveals that young adults who attend college are at a significantly higher risk of marijuana use compared… Read more »

Marijuana DUI in Pennsylvania

When you hear of a driver charged with DUI or driving under the influence, you assume that the driver was drunk. However, while driving under the influence of alcohol is common, driving under the influence of marijuana is also become a growing problem in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States. DUI laws in Pennsylvania prohibit… Read more »

Can I Use Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania?

A new law allows for the use of marijuana for medical purposes in Pennsylvania. The state legislature passed the law allowing the use of cannabis in the Medical Marijuana Act. Pennsylvania is the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana. However, recreational use of marijuana in Pennsylvania is still considered illegal. If you are facing a… Read more »