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What Happens After I Am Arrested for DUI in Edinboro?

Being arrested for DUI in Edinboro can be frightening, especially if this is your first experience with the judicial system. We encourage you to exercise your constitutional rights to remain silent and contact a lawyer. The steps you take after a DUI arrest could have a huge impact on the outcome of your case. DUI… Read more »

Avoid Alcohol-Related Criminal Charges on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day 2018 is on Saturday, which means a lot of people will not need to worry about getting up to go to work the day after St. Patrick’s Day. Therefore, many people in Erie and Edinboro will be celebrating the holiday with alcohol. Sadly, some people will face serious criminal charges on Monday… Read more »

Edinboro DUI Attorney Discusses Pennsylvania DUI Laws for College Students

When you are in college, you are likely to be exposed to alcohol at parties before you are 21 years of age. Even when you are of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages, you must still be responsible when you consume alcohol. Our Edinboro DUI defense attorneys caution college students to be responsible alcohol because… Read more »

Myths Or Truth – Can You Tell Which Of These Myths About Alcohol Consumption Is True?

If you enjoy consuming alcohol on occasion or even on a regular basis, you may have heard a lot of stories about how to avoid getting drunk. Many of these stories are myths. While it is certainly okay to enjoy alcohol, it is not okay to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking…. Read more »

Can A Passenger Drink Alcohol In Pennsylvania?

“But I was not driving! I was only a passenger in a car when I was drinking, and I was charged with a crime. How can I be charged with a crime if I was not drinking and driving?” Does this sound familiar? You may assume that charges related to alcohol are only applicable to… Read more »

Can Pennsylvania Lower The Legal Limit For DUIs?

While nothing is currently pending before Pennsylvania lawmakers, they may be watching Utah’s lawmakers very closely. In fact, many states may be watching Utah very closely right now. Utah is set to become one of the toughest states on DUIs with a new law that lawmakers passed last week. According to the Associated Press, Utah… Read more »

Could You Pass A Driving Test Wearing A Drunk Suit?

Underage drinking is a serious problem in the United States. From high schools to college campuses, young people are drinking alcohol and getting into trouble. One program is working to educate teenagers about the dangers of drunk driving by showing them what it feels like to drive while drunk. The Drunk Suit No, teens aren’t… Read more »

Evidence Suppressed in Erie County DUI Case

Attorney Grant Travis successfully represented his client against drunk driving charges in Erie County by having the evidence obtained in an illegal traffic stop suppressed. What Happened? The defendant in the case had been charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (General Impairment) and Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (High Rate of Alcohol,… Read more »

Tips To Avoid A DUI Arrest During The Holidays

As an Edinboro DUI attorney, I often see an increase in DUI arrests during the holidays, especially as college students celebrate the end of finals and the holiday break from classes. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying your favorite alcoholic beverage to celebrate the holidays, drinking and driving is against the law in Pennsylvania…. Read more »

Blackout Wednesday In Pennsylvania — DUI Accidents At Thanksgiving

If you work in law enforcement or if you are a bartender, you may already be familiar with Blackout Wednesday. Blackout Wednesday is the unofficial name given to the day before Thanksgiving Day, also known as Thanksgiving Eve. The reason why this day has earned such a dark name has to do with alcohol consumption…. Read more »